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The Horizon Forbidden West trailer soundtrack is available to stream

Guerrilla and Sony have released the thrilling soundtrack from the Horizon Forbidden West reveal trailer on pretty much every streaming service, and I can't stop looping it.

Prominent Dutch video game composer Joris de Man wrote the score, titled Promise of the West, and it's a dynamic mix of sounds that swells into a thumping, epic conclusion. Have a listen and feel the hype for the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

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You can stream Promise of the West to your adventure-loving heart's content via the YouTube embed up top, or you can head here for a list of supporting streaming services. You can even buy and download the soundtrack for listening in the car, which I'd imagine would make for the most exciting drive ever.

Apparently, it's just a Horizon Forbidden West kinda day. Earlier, we covered a new line of Horizon Forbidden West merch that includes some really well-designed clothes I'm definitely not cool enough to wear.

The Horizon Zero Dawn sequel made its big debut at last month's PS5 games event. We know it takes place sometime after the first game, it's set at least partly in San Francisco, and extinction threatens the natural world once again. We picked through every little detail we could manage from the reveal, so be sure to check out our more comprehensive Horizon Forbidden West trailer breakdown for more details, and head here for everything we know about the Horizon Forbidden West PC release.

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