Horizon Forbidden West patch buffs salmon, and players are weirdly happy

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores
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A new Horizon Forbidden West patch has buffed salmon throughout the Forbidden West area.

If you've been hunting for salmon in Horizon Forbidden West for months on end to no avail, your strange prayers have finally been answered. Patch 1.26 for Guerrilla's sequel has "increased the spawn rate of salmon in the Forbidden West area," so it's easy fishing for you.

Fishing can sometimes be a tricky business in Horizon Forbidden West, especially when you're after specific fish for a quest or recipe, so this is probably welcome news to the many Aloys out there. Note that the patch only applies to Salmon in the base game area, and not the more recent Forbidden West region around LA.

"I spent SO much time trying to find these and they would just not spawn anywhere, even in spots where people on youtube would show them to swim around. Hope this fixes it so I can do my final pouch upgrades," writes one rejoicing Reddit user in response to the news. "Maybe it just wasn’t…their SPAWNING SEASON???" adds another user, unfortunately.

For Burning Shores though, there's several bug fixes in patch 1.26. Oddly enough, the vast majority of them are focused on the 'Heaven and Earth' main quest, as six total issues within the quest itself have all been thankfully remedied by the new update.

The side quests 'A Friend in the Dark' and 'In His Wake' have both received bug fixes, and there's also a remedy for an odd flickering light popping up in photo mode. The patch notes list is rounded out by multiple crash fixes, no doubt music to the ears of those affected, and a resolution for an issue where the Specter Gauntlet couldn't be upgraded with the Railgun Mode.

Burning Shores is far from the end for Horizon, as Guerrilla confirmed earlier this year that Aloy's adventure will continue, seemingly confirming a new mainline game in the works.

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