Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Go Raid Counters and weaknesses

Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Go Raid
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These Pokemon Go Hoopa Unbound weakness and counters will help you capture this legendary in the only Elite Raid Pokemon right now. 

These Elite Raids are more challenging than other Raids and are rarer. In fact, they are so rare that they take 24 hours for their Raid Egg to hatch above certain Gyms and only appear for 30 minutes, giving trainers only a short window to fight and take it down.

Also, only in-person trainers can participate in Elite Raids so be sure to gather your friends, coworkers or whoever plays to where Hoopa Unbound appears. 

You can read up on all things Pokemon Go Elite Raids in our guide, but for Hoopa Unbound this guide will teach trainers all of the Legendary’s weaknesses the best counters in Pokemon Go to take it down and much more.

Hoopa Unbound Weaknesses in Pokemon Go 

Hoopa Unbound is a Psychic and Dark-type Pokemon giving it just two weaknesses: Fairy and Bug-type moves.

While Fairy attacks deal super effective damage - meaning double damage - Bug moves deal four times the damage. As such, trainers are better off using powerful Bug-type Pokemon with moves that can deal as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Go Counters 

Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Go Raid

(Image credit: Niantic)

With Hoopa Unbound’s weaknesses in mind, there are a few counters that trainers should utilize while going into battle against the Legendary.

There are two powerful Bug-type Mega Pokemon in Beedrill and Scizor that trainers should use. Both deal a lot of damage and have Bug-type moves to accompany them. 

While they are both great choices, we recommend Mega Scizor as it has a lot more bulk than Mega Beedrill and is not weak to any of Hoopa Unbound’s moves -- more on that in a bit. With one of those two Megas, trainers should round out their teams with Bug types that can deal a lot of damage.

Pokemon like Pinsir, Genesect and Pheromosa are perfect counters to use to deal four times super effective damage and be strengthened by Mega Scizor/Beedrill’s boost for Mega evolving.

If you’re a trainer who wants to use Fairy types, Mega Altaria is probably the way to go as it’s the only Mega with that typing so far. While Mega Altaria doesn’t have a Fast Attack to deal Fairy damage, it has access to both Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast while also boosting the Fairy moves of your team.

Pokemon that can use Charm like Togekiss and Granbull are great choices to deal super effective damage to Hoopa Unbound as quickly as possible.

But, in all honesty, using a Bug team is the way to go as other trainers will likely do the same.

Here is a list of counters trainers can use against Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon Go.

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Hoopa Unbound Counters
Mega Scizor Fury Cutter and X-Scissor
Mega BeedrillFury Cutter and X-Scissor
Mega AltariaDragon Breath and Moonblast/Dazzling Gleam
PheromosaBug Bite and Bug Buzz
VikavoltBug Bite and X-Scissor
GenesectFury Cutter and X-Scissor
TogekissCharm and Dazzling Gleam
GranbullCharm and Play Rough
PinsirBug Bite and X-Scissor

Pokemon Go Hoopa Unbound Moveset

As for Hoopa Unbound’s moves in Pokemon Go, trainers should be aware of its Psychic moves especially if Mega Beedrill and Pheromosa is being used. Mega Scizor and Genesect’s Steel typing resists Hoopa Unbound’s Psychic attacks, but they’ll be hit neutrally but its Ghost and Dark moves.

Fairy types will resist its Dark attacks, but it only has one move of this type so Bug types are still the way to go. Here are all the moves Hoopa Unbound can know in Pokemon Go.

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Hoopa Unbound moves
Fast AttackCharged Attack
ConfusionShadow Ball
AstonishDark Pulse
Row 2 - Cell 0 Psychic
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