Target says Homefront: The Revolution is coming out in May

The red dawn may break a few months sooner than expected. US retailer Target is reportedly selling pre-order cards for Homefront: The Revolution (via Xbox Achievements) that clearly indicate a release date of May 17, 2016 for the open-world guerrilla resistance shooter, as opposed to the "holiday 2016" window teased at Gamescom in August last year. There's no mention of the date on Target's website.

Homefront: The Revolution takes place in the same universe as 2011's Homefront, in which a technologically superior Korean People's Army has all but conquered the US (and proceeds to commit all kinds of outrageous "it could happen in your hometown" atrocities). Rather than following a tightly scripted single-player campaign like its predecessor, The Revolution plays more like an urban Far Cry. Players can use guerilla tactics to loosen the grip of the Korean forces on occupied Philadelphia, though their oppressors will have a significant advantage in straight-up fights. At least until you fully upgrade your laser-sighted crossbow.

Homefront: The Revolution started out as a collaboration between Kaos Studios and the dearly departed THQ. The game then went to Crytek and the TimeSplitters veterans at Crytek UK (née Free Radical Design), before being sold to Deep Silver, with Crytek UK remaining mostly intact as the new Deep Silver-owned Dambuster Studios.

I've asked a Deep Silver representative if the company can confirm or deny the Target release date and will update this story with any response.

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