Homefront: The Revolution sparks a fire and raises fists holiday 2016

A red dawn will be rising in holiday 2016 on Xbox One as Homefront: The Revolution pits American militia against an occupying force known as the Greater Korean Republic - a superstate of North Korea and South Korea, unified under the rule of Kim Jong-un. You can get a first look at gameplay below:

The new, open-world first-person shooter from development studio Dambuster is a sequel to the 2011 original, developed by Kaos Studios and published by the now-defunct THQ. Between that time and now, the rights to the Homefront IP have been sold and re-sold, transferring first to Crytek and then to Deep Silver. If the reshuffling makes you nervous, fret not: Dambuster is an internal Deep Silver studio, but all Crytek UK employees were transferred to the company at its creation to continue their work on The Revolution.

We'll see if it all pays off next holiday.

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Sam Prell

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