Holy hell, Diablo 4's full map is huge compared to the beta portion

Diablo 4 screenshot
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The Diablo 4 beta consumed my life for two whole weekends, but its map is only a small fraction of the world that'll be available at launch on June 6.

In the beta, which ran for two weekends this month, we were able to play through the entirety of Act 1 and run around the Fractured Peaks area of the map until the beta ended at the start of the week. Well, Fractured Peaks is just one of five zones that make up Sanctuary, the broader world where Diablo 4 takes place, and it's not even a particularly big one. We've seen a video breaking down Sanctuary's five areas before, but a new tweet from Windows Central managing editor Jez Corden highlights just how small Fractured Peaks looks when it's outlined on a map of Diablo 4's giant world.

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(Image credit: Blizzard/Jez Corden)

Again, if you've played the Diablo 4 beta for any length of time, you'll know it's pretty damn beefy. It should take you anywhere from 4-12 hours to beat Act 1 and reach level 25 depending on how much side content you do, how many times you die, and how fast you're gunning it through the dialogue and cinematics. The full game's campaign length has yet to be revealed, but one can assume it'll be somewhere in the realm of five times that length if it scales proportionately with the map.

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