Holy crap, theres a one-hit kill in Street Fighter 5. Heres how you do it

Yeah. Seriously. One hit. One entire health bar empty. KO. Round over. Start again.

The culprit is dynamic lady wrestler R. Mika, soon to be unleashed upon the public when the next phase of the Street Fighter 5 (opens in new tab) beta goes live on PS4 and PC on Thursday. We’ve already been playing her though (she’s bloody brilliant, by the way), and we’ve discovered that, under the right circumstances, she is frankly apocalyptic.

Okay, so her insta-death manoeuvre isn’t exactly practical. In order to pull it off, you need to charge her unique V-Skill move (in this case a magic wrestling promo speech that powers up her throws and grapples) for longer than you’re ever going to feasibly be able to do in a real match. But should you max out its power, and then catch your opponent with any throw, that’s it. Their bar empties. The round is over and you’ve won.

We’ve illustrated the monstrous occurrence in the above video. Note that it’s happening to Zangief, who has the biggest health rating around. Just for emphasis. Seriously, it’s monstrous.

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