Holy Chief, it's the Power Rangers Megazord built in Halo 5 - go, go, Spartan Rangers!

Halo 5's map creation tools are pretty extraordinary. They've been used to create everything from Peach's Castle as it appears in Super Mario 64 to giant frying pans to actual, functional Pokemon battles. But this week, we saw them in a whole new light, as they were used to recreate the Megazord transformation sequence from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV show:

Go, go, Spartan Rangeeeeers! Seriously, this is an amazing piece of work by Yukikage. And not their only accomplishment; check out this map featuring a battle between the UNSC and Godzilla, for example:

And if you want to download and play on Yukikage's maps, check out their ForgeHub profile. Methinks I might try out the mecha Master Chief or Titanfall 2 crossover maps this weekend...

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Sam Prell

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