Hollow Knight Silksong devs just refreshed a new project trademark, and fans are having a normal one

Hollow Knight
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The developers of Hollow Knight: Silksong have filed new trademarks for something called Fearless Fox, sparking wild speculation in Hollow Knight's perennially down-bad community.

As noted on Reddit (opens in new tab), Team Cherry filed two new Fearless Fox trademarks in late January, adding to the original trademark, which was filed in 2019. While that first trademark covered the term as a piece of video game software, the two more recent filings expand the trademark to cover a wider array of services, including toys and games, and entertainment services.

All that we can really glean from this information is that Team Cherry is covering its back for its next project, ensuring that it's all set from a copyright perspective to begin developing and marketing that project when it's ready. The Fearless Fox name has been around since 2019, but there's still no better sense of what the project might actually be.

That has, of course, not stopped the Hollow Knight community. In the game's dedicated subreddit, the top comment discussing the trademarks (opens in new tab) takes a wild stab, saying "I bet it's a sequel to Hollow Knight." That comes in spite of the fact that Team Cherry has been speaking about its next game being "non-Hollow Knight" since 2020

Multiple other commenters suggest that the evidence of this trademark means that development on Hollow Knight: Silksong must be complete, despite the fact that it first appeared in 2019, and the community been working itself into a very public meltdown over pretty much every industry showcase that might possibly have featured Silksong since it was announced in February 2019. While Silksong is likely to arrive this year, the presence of Fearless Fox is far from evidence of an imminent release date.

There's no sense of what the new project might be, but based on the studio's current timeline, we're not likely to see it for a long, long while yet. So perhaps keep that clown makeup in the draw for now.

Hollow Knight Silksong will probably release this year – and that's all the hype it needs.

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