When is Hogwarts Legacy on PS4, release dates, platforms and more

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If you want to know when Hogwarts Legacy is coming out on PS4, and Xbox One, then don't panic. While Hogwarts Legacy is not on PS4 and other consoles now, it is  on its way after early access brought the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X first. Other formats will unfortunately have a little bit of a wait ahead of them. 

There's a range of dates and times depending on what formats your playing at this point. spread across  four different release dates that saw early access get first dibs - some people are already playing, some have to wait until April and others, July. So let's take a look at the when Hogwarts Legacy is coming to PS4 and all the other platforms' release dates.

When is Hogwarts Legacy on PS4 and other platforms 

Hogwarts Legacy will be on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4. The people you've seen  playing already are playing on PS5 and Xbox Series X which has already launched. 

Here are the Hogwarts Legacy release dates for PS4, Xbox and Switch: 

  • PS4/Xbox One - April 4
  • Nintendo Switch July 25

So the PS4 and Xbox One is the next up on April 4, with Switch coming later with a July 25 release. 

Hogwarts Legacy Early access date

There was Hogwarts Legacy Early access but that has now passed - the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC originally gave players early access which started 72 hours ahead of the first Hogwarts Legacy general release. That first release date was was February 7, with the standard edition following soon after on PS5/Xbox Series X on February 10.

As of yet there's no work if there will be any early access for PS4 of Xbox One. 

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