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Hitman: Sniper challenge guide

Fly By Prevented

Shoot the flying pigeon

Grants a 1.20 Point Modifier

Once you have shot all 5 pigeons to get the “No Pigeons Were Harmed” challenge, a man will appear on the roof and shoo away a flock of pigeons. While the large flock will fly off to the left and up, there will be a lone pigeon that flies off to the right, low and slow. Use your hair trigger to slow down time and lead your shot to hit it.

Rub the Duck

They are always there

Grants a 1.07 Point Modifier

There are three rubber duckies scattered about the area that you need to shoot to complete this challenge. The three little guys can be found in these locations:

  1. One duck is immediately to the left of the pool.
  2. One is in the bird bath near the barbecues on the lower level.
  3. The last one can be found in front of the elevator, between the two pedestals.