Hitman: Sniper challenge guide

The Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge DLC is a Chicago rooftop sniping mission that allows you to unlock items for use in the full game when it releases this November. To get the special upgrades you’ll need to beat the scores set for each item. To get the scores needed you‘ll need to complete the challenges that are hidden within the game to increase your point modifiers.

Since we’re the helpful type here at Gamesradar, we’ve put this guide together to show you how to complete each and every one of the hidden challenges and get the most out of your killing. With these challenges under your belt, you’ll be able to work on unlocking each upgrade all that much quicker and be stacked, ready for the real game.

Here is a full list of the unlockable upgrades:

Agency Kazo TRG - unlocks at start of challenge
Silencer - unlocks at start of challenge

Controlled Breathing I - Unlocks at 10,000 points
Extended Clip I - Unlocks at 300,000 points
Rapid Fire Bolt I -Unlocks at 1,000,000 points
Magazine Well I - Unlocks at 2,500,000 points

Controlled Breathing II - Unlocks at 7,000,000 points
Extended Clip II - Unlocks at 9,000,000 points
Rapid Fire Bolt II -Unlocks at 12,000,000 points
Magazine Well II - Unlocks at 15,000,000 points

Controlled Breathing III - Unlocks at 20,000,000 points
Extended Clip III - Unlocks at 30,000,000 points
Rapid Fire Bolt III -Unlocks at 40,000,000 points
Magazine Well III - Unlocks at 50,000,000 points


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