Hey Halo?

Bungie's next game is almost certain to be revealed in 2006, according to Microsoft's Peter Moore. As is typical of both a tight-lipped Microsoft and the secretive Bungie, there's not even confirmation of whether or not it'll be Halo 3.

"We haven't made any announcements regarding the Halo franchise," Moore said in an online interview. "So Bungie is busy, they're an industrious bunch, and I think certainly this year, 2006, we might give you a peek at what Bungie is working on."

But, reaallly, c'mon. Would you bet against it being Halo 3, the next game in a franchise whose hype has enough gravity to send a black hole packing? And as for what date in 2006 it's going to make its debut, we're guessing, ooh, sometime just before November, when PS3 is nearing its global launch...