Heroes of Might & Magic II Cheats

Heroes of Might & Magic II Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Codes

    Note: using any of these cheats will brand you a cheater if your win places you in the high-score list.
    Code (Type in while playing) Description
    8675309 Reveals the whole map
    911 During the campaign, typing 911 will give you a win for the current scenario and take you to the start of your next mission
    /NWC A useful cheat that will access the game's debugger. With it you can give your hero extra mobility, free spells, free resources, free creatures, and allow you to select secondary skills. This cheat is not typed during the game. It is used as a parameter to HEROES2W.EXE Under Windows 95, you cancreate a shortcut to Heroes II and under Properties option, change the executable to read HEROES2W.EXE /NWC
    844690 Crystals
    101111 Gold
    844691 Ore
    123456789 Better chance to win

    1313 Makes you lose
    101495 Obelisk Map
    1911 Final Battle
    1134 Get 100 titans
    1135 Get 100 Arch Mages
    1136 Get 100 Steel Golems
    1137 Get 100 Rocks
    1138 Get 100 Halflings

  • PC | Submitted by JB Kastner

    Awesome Dragons

    To have five black dragons added to your group (if there is a place available)
    type 32167 while a hero is selected.