Fortnite PS4 players get update 14.50 after a delay

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite PS4 issue which kept players from receiving the latest update has been resolved.

Epic Games announced on its official Fortnite Status Twitter account that update 14.50, which is detailed in the latest Fortnite patch notes, is now available on the console. PS4 players were left on the previous version of the game for a few hours earlier today due to an unspecified issue.

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Fortnite update 14.50 brings back jetpacks from Stark Industries and adds in a new set of bonus challenges that gives players an "XP extravaganza" in the run up to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Thankfully, this means PS4 players still have plenty of time to tackle them all before the next season begins.

Cross-console inconsistencies are especially troublesome for Fortnite's cross-play capabilities. That's no longer an issue for the majority of Fortnite's platforms, though iOS players are still being left out as a result of the ongoing Epic versus Apple lawsuit. The iOS version of the game has not been updated since Apple delisted Fortnite in response to Epic breaching its developer agreement - Epic isn't contesting the breach itself, but it is calling out the agreement as unlawful.

On the upside, if you're planning on upgrading to the next generation, you already know what Fortnite PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades you can look forward to; 4K visuals at 60 frames per second, easier access to your favorite modes, and special haptic feedback using the DualSense controller's new adaptive triggers. 

It looks like Epic's planning a Fortnite and Disney Plus collaboration too.

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