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Here's what the Nintendo Switch menus look like in light and dark mode

Nintendo Switch (opens in new tab) has a more minimalist user interface than either Wii U or 3DS, and it looks like it has some slick customizable themes as well. Indie publisher Nicalis tweeted an up-close image of the system's main menu, and though it's since deleted that tweet, NeoGAF (opens in new tab) users quickly picked it up. Here's the full picture:

The interface puts games front and center, with big art-backed tiles for all available games. There's a row of non-game apps and settings below, including what appears to be a Notifications feed, an eShop button, and er… a virtual Valentine's Day card? Probably something about favorites.

Try not to fixate on those magnificent all-black Joy-Cons, they seem to be exclusive to developer units (the two consumer models (opens in new tab) come with either grey or neon blue and red Joy-Cons). I can't imagine that classy dark theme is exclusive to devkits, though. You can see its lighter counterpart here, as shown in a Nintendo Treehouse video (opens in new tab).

Yep, I think I'll go with the dark theme, at least for starters. Nintendo 3DS does a brisk business in selling premium themes and I'd be surprised if Nintendo doesn't give Switch owners the same opportunity at some point down the line.

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