Here's what comes in Nintendo Switch boxes - yes, there will be multiple models

As part of its Switch livestream reveal, Nintendo has revealed just what will come in a Nintendo Switch retail box. Or rather, what will come in one of the Switch's retail boxes. It turns out there will be two different models sold, though the difference comes down to the colors of the Joy-Con controllers; one box comes with gray Joy-Cons, while the other comes with one neon red Joy-Con and one neon blue Joy-Con.

Both versions will come with the Switch console itself, an AC adapter, an HDMI cable, two Joy-Con controllers, the Nintendo Switch dock, two Joy-Con wrist straps (which come with small attachments to add L and R buttons to the Joy-Cons), and the Joy-Con Grip (the handle-like device you slide the Joy-Cons into to form one full-size controller, like some kind of Nintendo-ified Voltron).

And just as a reminder, that's all for the price of $299.99, coming March 3.

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Sam Prell

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