Iron Fist and John Wick have a scene in common but what does it mean?

Warning: spoilers ahead for both Iron Fist and John Wick: Chapter 2.

What do Finn Jones’ Marvel TV superhero Iron Fist and Keanu Reeves’ stoic assassin John Wick have in common? Aside from hand-to-hand combat skills, they also share a location - New York City. But more specifically than that, there’s one NYC hotspot that’s important to both characters: Manhattan’s Bethesda Terrace. points out that the big rain fight between Colleen Wing and Bakuto that happens in the second-to-last episode of Iron Fist (titled Bar the Big Boss) takes place at Bethesda Terrace, and that’s also the very same spot where John Wick is excommunicated at the very end of John Wick: Chapter 2. You can recognize the location by the iconic archways separating its upper and lower levels. Take a look:

While it would certainly be cool to imagine what kind of havoc Wick could cause in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’m pretty sure this is only a coincidence. Tons of film and television shows have filmed at this location over the years, so I don’t think this is trying to clue us in that the two properties take place in the same universe. Still, it’s kind of fun to imagine Wick going toe to toe against Loki or trying to take down Ultron in a hand-to-hand duel.

All this raises an even more important question - maybe the most important question of the day. Who would win in a fight: Iron Fist, or John Wick? Even if you somehow took all of his guns away, I’d still say John Wick would come out on top. He’s got the edge when it comes to experience, and the guy killed multiple people with a pencil. Your argument is invalid.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is in theaters now, and the first season of Iron Fist is currently streaming on Netflix.

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