Here’s the one thing George Lucas changed in Solo: A Star Wars Story (just don't give him your coat)

You didn’t think Solo: A Star Wars Story would get away with not including some input from the granddaddy of all things a galaxy far, far away now, did you? Thankfully, this isn’t a Han shot first sitch; the addition has been made with Solo’s legacy in mind. The most minor of minor spoilers to follow…

As revealed during an interview with Variety, director Ron Howard took in some words of wisdom from Mr. Lucas himself when it came to a scene between Alden Ehrenreich’s Han and Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra where Han chose to hang up Qi’ra’s cloak just before some sweet lovin’.

Howard revealed: “He [Lucas] said, ‘You know, Han wouldn’t bother to hang it up,’ And then he sort of did it. George became Han Solo for a second. The body language was there and the attitude. Not only was it a nice accent on the scene, but it was also a reminder that George created this character and really understood him. He was so reluctant [to offer his opinion], and yet the choice was so right that it was fun to use it.” 

So, now you know who to thank when it comes to Han’s slightly messy demeanour – and whether Han cares about the state of your cloak before kissing you. The answer is no.

He’s not the only OG Star Wars presence to have an opinion on the Han Solo movie, however. Harrison Ford was “raving” about Alden Ehrenreich’s performance, according to Ron Howard, even going as far to say: “He made it his own.” High praise indeed, and proof that new and old-school can work together, despite being strange bedfellows.

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