Here's how Battlefield 1 aims to make melee weapons matter again

Modern warfare doesn't involve much close-quarters or melee fighting, but back in the era that Battlefield 1 is portraying, clubs, knives, bayonets, shovels, pickaxes, and more were all fair game. So how is DICE making sure that melee weapons feel fair and significant?

"Roughly speaking, there are three distinct melee weapon classes in Battlefield 1, each with their own pros and cons: knives, clubs, and bladed/specials. They primarily differ in three stats: the speed at which you can swing them, the damage they deal with each hit that connects, and how easy they are to perform a brutal takedown with," reads a new post on the official Battlefield website, before breaking down just how each category feels different in a player's hands.


"A knife, for example, deals a low amount of damage, it is by far the quickest to perform consecutive swings with, and it has a much bigger takedown zone than other melee weapon types. This means that if you go for a stealthy kill from behind, a knife will give you the biggest possible zone behind an enemy player from where a brutal takedown can be performed."


"Clubs are jacks of all trades: they deal medium damage at medium speed, and have a medium-sized takedown zone."


"The bladed/special melee weapons such as the hatchet, shovel, and pickaxe are the heaviest hitters, but also the slowest. They also have the smallest takedown zone."

Bayonet charge

Another new addition that Battlefield 1 brings to the… erm, battlefield is the bayonet charge. This move grants players an increase in sprint speed, a reduction in bullet damage, and should it connect with an enemy, you'll perform a takedown they have no chance of blocking. It's also risky and highly visible, so you'll need to employ it tactically.

Of course, I prefer to stay far, far away, or safe in the driver's seat of a vehicle. Then you don't have to worry about knives in your back or clubs to the face at all. Problem solved.

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