Here’s an impressive PS5 Wakanda custom controller

PS5 Wakanda Controller
(Image credit: Gun Ink Designs)

If you wanted a custom PS5 controller in the vein of the Black Panther himself, then look no further.

Just below, you can check out an extensive assembly video from Gun Ink Designs on YouTube, where a custom PS5 DualSense controller is put together from scratch. The controller is customized to resemble the late Chadwick Boseman on one grip, with the Black Panther on the opposing grip.

It's a really impressive customized PS5 controller, with a sleek, elegant finish all round. In fact, the entire video is a really worthwhile deconstruction of the DualSense controller, as the presenter completely tears down the controller to display the trigger haptics, and more underneath the outer shell.

There's been no shortage of customized PS5 consoles and controllers since Sony's next-gen hardware launched worldwide last month in November. So far, we've seen PS5 controllers customized with a slick black finish, and one insanely impressive Spider-Man: Miles Morales-inspired customized PS5 console.

There's also been a spate of customized PS5 faceplates since even before the PS5 launched. However, whereas these customized controllers and consoles have been a personal hobby by their creators, those who have created PS5 faceplates have attempted to turn it into a business, and one such venture has already been shut down by Sony before it got off the ground.

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Hirun Cryer

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