This custom Spider-Man PS5 paint job is a perfect match for Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
(Image credit: Sony/Marvel)

Since the release of the PS5, many a console fan has taken to the internet to show off their sleek customization jobs, including the creation of special black PS5s, among others. If you're looking to buy a PS5, you might want to check out some of the work that's been done out to make the console look as cool as possible. The latest in the growing line of paint jobs is a Spider-Man-flavored PS5 with a distinct Spidey flair.

With Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Spider-Man: Remastered debuting alongside the new console, it shouldn't be very surprising that someone gave their PS5 a Spider-Man makeover. YouTuber Dave Lee showed off his custom console, getting into all the details of the work that went into it in his PS5 review. The special console comes in blue and red, with a spider logo plastered right on the front of the casing. 

According to Lee, the typically white casing of the PS5 holds paint very well, making it ripe for all sorts of customization jobs. Lee painted the white parts of the console a distinct red shade, slapped a blue sticker on the midsection and put a white spider-shaped decal on the front. Lee stated that the process was relatively easy, and encouraged other gamers to get in on the customization action based on how simple it was to outfit his own console in a spiffy new coat of paint. 

With the dawn of the PS5 upon us (and coming soon for those in the EU), we can only imagine what unique creations will come out of the fanbase, and we're starting off with some great work. 

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