Black PS5 consoles appear online as players give their new machines a makeover

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Want a Black PS5? Well, you're not alone, judging by the collection of consoles that have been customised online. 

Several PlayStation lovers took to the official PS5 subreddit to show off the customization jobs they did on their consoles. One thread in particular, started by Reddit user Hawkijustin, showed off their fancy speciality coating made courtesy of carefully using some Plasti Dip that got them a black PS5. The thread racked up plenty of attention from the user's fellow PS5 fans, getting over 2,000 upvotes as of this writing. Commenters praised the customization job, with some hoping that Sony comes out with official black panels and controllers for the console soon to make the black PS5 official.

I Plastidipped my PS5. from r/PS5

Another user posted on the same subreddit to show off their brother-in-law's black PS5 that had been specially wrapped to have a different color coating. This thread was successful as well, gaining over a thousand upvotes as of this writing. The video on this post showed off the console from multiple angles, giving an all-around view of the sleek customization job. 

Players looking to get a black PS5 of their very own will likely have to get creative as these users did, taking a DIY approach to get the model that they're after. Unless Sony decides to sell different colors sometime soon, it's looking like the only option if you want your very own black PS5, especially after the company issued a cease-and-desist letter to a company making custom faceplates

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