Helldivers 2's new Quasar Cannon Stratagem is a hit, and you can tell players truly love it because they're already begging Arrowhead not to nerf it

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Helldivers 2 grunts can now call down the Quasar Cannon Stratagem, a heavy laser that's tailor-made for spreading democracy. The cannon is actually so efficient, that some helldivers are already begging developer Arrowhead Studios not to nerf it.

The Quasar Cannon is the co-op shooter's newest heavy weapon that unlocks at Level 18 and costs 7,500 requisition points. After a short charge up, the cannon beams a massive laser with enough force to handily one-shot a shredder tank, a hulk, and even a charger. Oh, it also has unlimited ammo and range, making it a sort of extra-durable laser sniper. 

LAS-99 Quasar Cannon can destroy fabricators from r/Helldivers

"Such a democratic weapon it makes me cry," one player wrote on the game's subreddit, before claiming it also bests the previous armored-bug-killing favorite. "Best weapon in the game. It's an EAT [Expendable Anti Tank] with infinite ammo… and it looks super cool."

Another Reddit post tried to use some good old reverse psychology against the developers at Arrowhead. "Quasar Cannon is very bad and doesn't need a nerf," the post reads. "Arrowhead, for the love of all that is good do not nerf this weapon… This gun is so bad."

A different, level-headed player dived into the discourse to call the weapon "overhyped" since it apparently complements the existing options, like the EAT, rather than outright replacing them. The player's main complaint stemmed from the cannon's charge-up time, which becomes a major headache when dealing with more than one heavy. 

Helldivers probably need all the help they can get right now since new signs point to a major twist coming from Game Master Joel, and I can't imagine that it's more help. At least the helldivers have best-selling author Alan Wake's glowing approval.

With millions of players joining the fray, Helldivers 2 director might finally get his “childhood dream” realized and have the game stand alongside PlayStation’s biggest releases.  

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