Helldivers 2 servers are being raised to support 800k players to tackle long queues: "How crazy is this message from a studio of 100?"

Helldivers 2
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

After the previous concurrent player capacity was raised for the busy weekend, Helldivers 2 servers are once again getting buffed to support players buying the game in droves.

Arrowhead Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt announced on Twitter that the team "expect the Helldivers 2 servers to hit the 800,000 CCU max capacity" in just a couple of hours. Helldivers 2 queues have been frequently full after the co-op shooter became an unexpected sales hit, surpassing God of War's peak player count, which was once upon a time PlayStation's biggest Steam launch. 

Arrowhead has been very consistent in tackling those long queue times with multiple patches boosting how many players can, you know, actually play the game at the same time. Though there might still be "light queues," according to the studio boss. 

Pilestedt is quick to point out how impressive the response has been for a relatively small team, too: "How crazy is this message from a studio of ~100 devs?" That number may balloon slightly, as the studio quickly started a hiring spree to keep up with high demand. 

The studio isn't just working to patch server capacity, though. In response to a player on social media, Pilestedt said that while some developers work on these "optimizations," others are "working on some real cool stuff." Some democracy-spreaders think that means mechs and a faction from the first game.

A former Halo developer recently said that the studio pitched several spin-offs, including one ODST game not too dissimilar to Helldivers’ concept

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