Hell yes, another WarioWare game is on the way

WarioWare Move It
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In what I will personally call the unquestionable greatest announcement at today's Nintendo Direct, a brand-new WarioWare game was announced.

WarioWare: Move It! is set to hit Switch on November 3. It'll be a motion control-focused entry in the series, similar to Smooth Moves on the Wii - the difference being  that you'll hold two Joy-Cons rather than one Wii remote for most of these microgames. There is, quite importantly, a microgame that involves shaking paws with a dog.

There are over 200 microgames in this one, and you'll also have options for two-player co-op. There's a party mode for four-players, too, with its own set of minigames.

The big focus on party games and motion controls definitely suggests this is a throwback to the Wii era, but WarioWare has an even longer history of using motion controls, going back to the custom gyro-equipped cartridge that powered WarioWare: Twisted! on GBA.

The previous WarioWare game, Get It Together!, hit Switch in 2021, making this the fastest turnaround between two entries since the series' heyday. Here's hoping this means we'll never go through another decade-long drought between major entries again.

Today's show was full of announcements for fans of Mario's extended cast, ranging from a new Princess Peach game to remasters for Super Mario RPG and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. By far the biggest reveal, however, was Super Mario Bros Wonder, a brand-new 2D platformer that takes the Mushroom Kingdom crew to a psychedelic wonderland.

We've got plenty of upcoming Switch games for 2023 to keep us occupied even as the system gets on in years.

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