Helen Mirren hunts National Treasure 2

Oh dear. Oh, Helen… What are you thinking? Clearly struck by the same virus that afflicts some previous Oscar winners (Halle Berry, for one) who pick odd projects after grabbing the gold, Helen Mirren has decided to follow-up her gong-scooping performance with a role in National Treasure: Book Of Secrets.

Admittedly, taking a part in a big franchise that has already spawned one big blockbuster might not seem like a silly idea, and it’s a chance for a little fun after some more heavyweight thesp-stretching but National Treasure 2? The first one might have made money, but it wasn’t exactly the world’s best treasure-seeking film.

Still, it’s been revealed that Mirren will be playing Emily Gates in Book Of Secrets, mother to Nic Cages’s Ben and that she’ll help link him to his family connection with John Wilkes Booth (Abraham Lincoln’s assassin) and the mysterious Knights of the Gold Circle. As opposed to the Knights Who Say Ni, we assume.

Also joining the cast is Ed Harris, who will be breaking out his villainous side to portray Jeb Wilkinson, who has information about Gates’ dad (Jon Voight) and initially claims to be helping him, until his true colours are quickly revealed.

With John Turteltaub again calling the shots, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha and Harvey Keitel are all busy shooting the sequel as you read this.

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