Beyond: Two Souls hits PS4 next week, Heavy Rain forecast for March

Beyond: Two Souls will arrive on PS4 next week, but you'll have to wait a few months to resume the hunt for the origammy killer. The remastered version (opens in new tab) will be released on November 24 in the US for $29.99 and on November 26 in the UK for £24.99, and Heavy Rain will hit PS4 on March 1 in the US and March 2 in the UK.

Beyond: Two Souls will have "improved controls for action sequences" on PS4, visual upgrades including new depth of field effects and better lighting, and an option to play through the whole story in chronological order once you finish it the usual non-chronological way. Quantic Dream even added a new Telltale Games-style recap to the end of each scene to show how your decisions match up to the hive mind.

Heavy Rain's PS4 version will hit PSN on March 1 in the US and on March 2 in the UK. The physical two-pack will be available at UK retailers on March 4, and though it won't be sold in the US, you will at least get a discount on Heavy Rain's PS4 version if you previously bought the new-and-improved Beyond: Two Souls. Either way should be a fine option for getting your David Cage interactive film studies done ahead of Detroit: Become Human (opens in new tab).

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