Haunted Space is a new sci-fi horror with creepy aliens and living spaceships

Today the Future Games Show revealed a brand new horror game called Haunted Space, from developer Italian Games Factory and publisher Merge Games. 

The trailer showcases the game's Metal Mother facility, which was established to try and harvest sonic matter humankind discovered in another galaxy beyond Earth - apparently the most precious element in the universe to date.

But of course, as is the usual way with horror games set in space, humankind isn't alone in this new galaxy. There appears to be both gargantuan alien creatures and spaceships alike featured in Haunted Space. We can see one lifeform that looks like it's attached itself to the hull of a ship in a weird splicer experiment, and another that hones in on the player-controlled spaceship from a terrifying first-person perspective.

The game will let you cruise around the galaxy in both first- and third-person perspectives, using some pretty unique vessels. Seemingly the gameplay will focus on exploration as much as combat, although the details remain a little scarce on this brand new title. 

What is extra exciting though is that we can see a few spaceships teaming up at once in certain segments of the trailer, pointing to co-op gameplay being a potential feature. Flying around space with your pals and encountering alien monsters certainly sounds appealing.

At the current time, there isn't a release date scheduled for Haunted Space. However, we know that the brand new title will be arriving on Steam, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S

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Hirun Cryer

Hirun Cryer is a freelance reporter and writer with Gamesradar+ based out of U.K. After earning a degree in American History specializing in journalism, cinema, literature, and history, he stepped into the games writing world, with a focus on shooters, indie games, and RPGs, and has since been the recipient of the MCV 30 Under 30 award for 2021. In his spare time he freelances with other outlets around the industry, practices Japanese, and enjoys contemporary manga and anime.