Hardware modders create incredible watercooled PS5

(Image credit: Sony)

A YouTube channel has constructed what's believe to be the world's first PS5 watercooling system.

The video from Modding Cafe shows the construction of a complete watercooling system for the PS5. The full video is nearly 13 minutes long, in which a pair of presenters firstly disassemble the PS5, before constructing the watercooling unit and finally putting it to the test, with some impressive results.

To see the results for yourself, simply scroll to around the 12 minute 10 second mark in the video. Simply put, the watercooler succeeds in stabilizing the heat generated from the PS5, including the temperature of the both the water and the air around the backplate of the console itself.

While Modding Cafe was lucky enough to find a console to experiment on, we're still seeing shortages of stock around the world from manufacturer Sony. Around launch last year in November, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan revealed that the company had sold through absolutely all their stock, and ultimately couldn't guarantee when additional units would be available.

Since then, we've seen the PS5 come back in stock at various retailers intermittently. This is chiefly due to the shortages of parts needed to construct next-gen consoles, and the US government under President Biden announced earlier this month that it would be investigating shortages of components for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Hirun Cryer

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