Hanks pokes fun at Da Vinci controversy

Take note Mel Gibson: if your movie has got middle-America sheltering their impressionable kiddies’ eyes and campaigning for a multiplex boycott, head for New York and take the mickey like there’s no tomorrow.

Tom Hanks, he of the upcoming, church-bothering The Da Vinci Code, guest hosted on Saturday Night Live on… erm… Saturday and had them rolling in the aisles.

For those who have been trapped under a 24 stone man for the last two years, Catholic Church officials have blasted the movie, adapted from Dan Brown’s best-selling page-turner because of its supposed blasphemous content.

The Oscar nabber appeared in a sketch on SNL where he was grilled by priests, cardinals and Jesus himself. One man of the cloth enquired, “When you were making the film and you were meeting with the producers and writers and the director, in all that creative process, did you ever wonder what it would feel like to burn for eternity in hell?” To which Hanks replied, “It really is the director that makes all the decisions and that would be the guy from Happy Days.”

The last word went to Jesus, “Mr. Hanks, I saw your film and I just want you to know that I forgive you.” Hanks modestly thanked the bearded one, noting his surprise that he’d sat through The Da Vinci Code – to which Jesus replied, “I haven't seen that. I was forgiving you for making The Terminal... I saw that on an airplane and people were still walking out.”