Han Solo spin-off narrows down casting, Rogue One cameo a possibility

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Harrison Ford in the role of the galaxy's favorite nerf herder Han Solo, but with Lucasfilm pushing forward with a spin-off Han Solo movie focusing on the character's younger years the hunt is on for a fresh actor to tackle the part. And there's plenty of thesps throwing their name into the hat, as last month some 2500 hopefuls put themselves forward during a worldwide talent search.

Cut to today and it looks as if the studio has narrowed down that vast pool to a mere dozen names. Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Dave Franco, Jack Reynor, Scott Eastwood, Logan Lerman, Emory Cohen and Blake Jenner are the more recognisable actors among that group. Whoever lands the part is destined to play the Millennium Falcon's owner in a standalone movie directed by The LEGO Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The two helmers along with producer Kathleen Kennedy are re-testing the final dozen, and are expected to make a decision in the coming weeks.

As well as headlining his own movie it's rumored that the character is also in line for a cameo in Rogue One - Gareth Edwards' spinoff movie that's currently midway through production. This potential appearance is said to be the reason for fast-tracking the casting process, which means we may clap our eyes on the new Han Solo before the year is out.

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan, the as-yet untitled Han Solo movie is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 25, 2018.

Images: Lucasfilm, Disney

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