HaloRadar: Terminal Video Guide

Oct 12, 2007

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In last week's HaloRadar, we demonstrated how to collectevery single skullin the game - both gold and silver - with detailed screens and painstakingly produced video.

Today we're tracking down Halo 3's other elusive Easter eggs, the mysterious terminals. Left behind by the original architects of Master Chief's universe - the Forerunners - these computer stations are crucial to fully understanding the trilogy's plot as well as the final chapter's significance. You may know who dies and who lives at the end, but until you've read every terminal, you really have no idea what it all means.

Plus, you get an Achievement ("Marathon Man") and 40 Gamerscore points for your troubles. So what are you waiting for? Get started below!


Mission: The Ark

The first terminal is the easiest to find - you might already have it. Near the beginning of The Ark - when you first leave the bright outdoors and enter a dark tunnel with your Marine pals - look to the left. See that glaringly obvious door? Actually, two doors? The terminal is in a small hallway connecting them.

Oh, and don't worry. Though the meaning of the terminals' text is never entirely clear, it gets a lot more straightforward after this first one.

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