HaloRadar: Stupidest Cheats

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We've rounded up some of the most exclusive and groundbreaking cheats that have been submitted to CheatPlanet for Halo 3. Keep in mind that all of our cheats are user submitted and all the cheats in this article are actual cheat submissions we received for Halo 3. All of the cheats appear unedited (you may even find a spelling error or two if you look carefully). After several of the entries, you’ll find our thoughts on receiving such helpful game enhancers in the "GamesRadar" section.

We haven’t actually checked to figure out which, if any, of these cheats actually work, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll be able to figure it out for yourself. And we’re pretty sure our cousin Larry heard from this guy that you totally can unlock a dragon by hitting B, X, Y, A, so that one definitely works.

If you think you’ve got a better cheat (your competition isn't that tough), feel free to submit ithereand if you’re submission is accepted you'll get full credit for it. That means your name goes on CheatPlanet to live on forever in our database of cheats, and you can show your friends.


Submitted By: eseercam
Cheat Title: all skulls all body armor and a dragon
Entry Location: pause game
Cheat: press B x y a

GamesRadar: Like we said, this one totally works. The dragon is 50' tall and shoots Spartan lasers out of its eyes.

Submitted By: make master cheif have a guitar
Cheat Title: ryan (rawk)
Entry Location: during gameplay
Cheat: to make cheif have a guitar press:up down rb x b y lb

GamesRadar: Now we need a cheat to get more ammo for the guitar.

Submitted By: A Naughty Taco
Cheat Title: Naked Cortana
Entry Location: Cortana
Cheat: Theres a hidden Computer screen where the bonus terminal is. In that area, look around and once you find it, look at the screen for 117 seconds, the image will pop up for a split second.

GamesRadar: 113, 114, 115, 116…

Submitted By: Halo masterz
Cheat Title: unlock rock band
Entry Location:
Cheat: to do this cheat go to the level where you first see the flood. Don’t shoot your guns and hit every flood u see, I don’t know which one but one will drop a guitar and if you pick it up u will be able to play rock band with master chief.