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Submitted By: eseercam
Cheat Title: grunts are people too
Entry Location: pause the game at any time
Cheat: this cheat lets you be a grunt by pressing A for 15 seconds .You can do this on campaign or xbox360 live.

GamesRadar: If you hit X for 16 seconds you’ll turn into a dinosaur that shoots rainbows out of its butt, but who has time to hold a button for that long?

Submitted By: ausman
Cheat Title: become gulty spark
Entry Location: eneywere
Cheat: in mutiplayer mode press start than press A. you should be guilty spark. you get no gun but telekinesis and a wepon vendor to give yourself or friends to swich back do the same thing

GamesRadar: Hitting the A button from the pause menu is the best cheat you could come up with? Ok, we’ll give it a try.

Submitted By: sammy ,oliver
Cheat Title: motorcylce
Entry Location: stevens ,drive
Cheat: i ,want a cheat, for ,a ,motorcycle

GamesRadar: Sammy , we all want motorcycles and we completely agree with you- although, maybe we’d of used fewer commas- but you didn’t submit a cheat, you submitted a request.

Submitted By: jayson t futlon
Cheat Title: get monny Esey noobie
Entry Location: mooyto
Cheat: go to mooyto and trader noobie ill kill you chloe arrr
you need a noobie that is online it only works online

GamesRadar: Most of Jayson’s tips don’t seem to be identifiable words, but towards the end of the cheat, we’re fairly sure he’s letting us know that this easy money cheat only works online. So don’t try this one while playing by yourself.

Submitted By: A Waffle
Cheat Title: SUPER jump
Entry Location: Sandtrap
Cheat:For this, you need to flip an elephant(see cheat). When you've flipped the elephant all the way over(tires in air) turn into the Monitor and fly up there, press RB and then jump really fast. If that doesn't work, try again, or just don't jump.

GamesRadar: On CheatPlanet, even breakfast foods are doing their part to contribute to the community.

Submitted By: Diablo27
Cheat Title: More than Gold and silver
Entry Location: All Levels
Cheat: You think your so great cause you got all the gold and silver Skulls Well hears some news there'smore out there!You dont get achievments but still get all these other ones and do ya now what you prize is the full HAYABUSA armor, and let me tell ya it's sweet!

GamesRadar: We thought thatthiswas how you get that armor. Sorry, I guess we're just being silly.

Submitted By: jak36
Cheat Title: unlimated health
Entry Location: campaign mode
Cheat: dkjsdlhfsjbfvksvb usehfrshdfhsudfhsehffuckfuckfucfkfucksdfjncvwevrhwr wewehrkebnrewhflerfewitfhejrugfhassassassass kjrtvnekr ,4rehtkwvteurbtfk,web fbitchbitchbitch

GamesRadar: Does it count as profanity if it’s embedded in a large chunk of garbled text? How about if it’s part of a Halo 3 cheat? Can we even print any of this?

If any of these actually work please let us know immediately, but if you want some real insights into Halo 3 why not check out our archive ofHaloRadar, or better yet take a look at ourHalo 3 CheatPlanet pageto read and submit your own stuff.

Feb 8, 2008