HaloRadar: Stupidest Cheats

Submitted By: sean is the man
Cheat Title: blue master cheif
Entry Location: main menu
Cheat: this cheat will turn master cheif blue

GamesRadar: We’re pretty sure that you’re talking about the ability to customize your armor. It’s either that or the ability to join the blue team in multiplayer matches.

Submitted By: bob
Cheat Title: a cheat
Entry Location:
Cheat: poo

GamesRadar: Thank you for your helpful cheat, bob.

Submitted By: CKA54
Cheat Title: Scout Shoulders
Entry Location:
Cheat: You have to unlock the Mongoose Modown achievement to unlock the armor. Not the We're in for some Chopin achievement

GamesRadar: We’re not in for the Chopin achievement either, doodz.

Submitted By: DAVID
Cheat Title: Infinite Health
Entry Location: All Levels

GamesRadar: We have nothing to say that's worth saying about this submission (which was submitted 4 times). Everybody knows that if you defeat 1 enemy you become invincible for the rest of the game.

Submitted By: fighting
Cheat Title: infinite health
Entry Location: everywhere
Cheat: armor infinite health

GamesRadar: We’re not sure if this cheat was supposed to be submitted by a noun or a verb, but we do know that we’re sure going to enjoy having our armor infinite health!

Submitted By: bob
Cheat Title: the skull of legendary
Entry Location:
Cheat: go to where the first phantom drops off the enimies and kill them.... then go to the long rock on the right wall of the cliff and at the end you will see a skull and you have to hold it to the end of the level and it will say that you unlocked something(i can't tell what you get because i never got it yet)lol

GamesRadar: Ok, we’re on our way to your highly detailed description of where the skull of legendary is. All we could possibly ask for now would be a description of what the skull of legendary is or maybe the level we’re supposed to be looking in. The best part is at the end when we learn that even bob hasn't gotten the skull of legendary yet.

Submitted By: AnOnYmOuS
Cheat Title: Recon armor
Entry Location:
Cheat: Recon armor is given out by Bungie.
If you make Bungie laugh there is a chance
you could recive it.

GamesRadar: "God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." - Voltaire. Most philosophical cheat we've ever received.