HaloRadar: Snipers Exposed

Nov 30, 2007

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Snipers - your days are numbered. For months, you've terrorized us, frustrated us and annoyed the hell out of us. Lurking in the shadows, crouching behind walls and hiding on ledges, you inflate your kill count without moving a single multiplayer muscle.

No longer. Using Bungie's amazing heat maps, we've pinpointed every one of your convenient and comfortable camping spots. Now we're revealing them to the world... so prepare to adapt if you hope to survive.

(P.S. Yeah, yeah. We're totally gonna take advantage of these spots, too. But at least you'll know where to find us!)

Above: The darker the heat patch, the more sniper kills originate from that location


Snipers love the roofs on High Ground. You already knew that. Here are four less obvious, but no less popular, locations for long range bullying.

Sniper Nest #1: Facing the base from the beach, this darkened ledge is on your immediate left. Snipers love to grab the nearby overshield and then perch amidst the boulders.

Sniper Nest #2: Another easy-to-miss ledge on the right. Also look for snipers behind the small wall and, yes, in the tree.

Sniper Nest #3: The pipe is pretty useless outside of Capture the Flag... unless you're looking to melee a sniper in the back of the head.

Sniper Nest #4: See how dark red that heat splotch is? This out of the way spot might be the most popular camp on the map.