Halo TV show teaser is a treat for UNSC gearheads

Halo TV Show
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A new Halo TV series teaser gives you a look at the military might of the UNSC forces, and some Spartans all geared up for battle.

The 15-second teaser follows an almost-as-brief 20 second teaser from November, both of which are teasing the series' big debut at The Game Awards on Thursday. The previous teaser was a more intimate scene, showing the Master Chief's scarred, augmented frame as he carefully donned his MJOLNIR armor, and this new one goes hard in the other direction.

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We start with a wide shot of a hangar filled with troops and equipment on the move: in the foreground soldiers carry gear in boxes, a set of Warthogs sit on the left, Scorpion tanks on the right, and a Pelican dropship readies for launch in the middle. The trailer cuts to a shot of the Pelican's thrusters, then to a small fireteam of Spartans with their full assortment of armor and weaponry.

The shots are brief, but still provide a decent look at their armor, which seems to draw inspiration from the EOD-class gear which was first introduced in Halo 3. Detailed shots even give us a sneak preview of what appear to be the show's take on Halo's distinctive sniper and marksman rifles. In short, this teaser trailer seems purpose-built to get Halo gearheads as pumped as possible in about a quarter of a minute.

The Halo TV series is currently set to debut on Paramount Plus in 2022, though we'll hopefully get a more specific release date during The Game Awards.

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