Halo Infinite will launch with 23 maps according to dataminer

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Halo Infinite will apparently launch with 23 maps and the next flight will take place in October according to a dataminer. 

According to @Surasia4 on Twitter, Halo Infinite will apparently launch with 23 maps, both arena and BTB. This was revealed by the Twitter user after they replied to a tweet from the official Call of Duty Twitter account. 

The original tweet was relating to Call of Duty: Vanguard that promises players "20 maps at launch." Clearly more of a Halo fan, Surasia4 quote tweeted this with the response: "Yeah but Halo Infinite launches with 23 maps and is free." 

The dataminer also followed this up with a tweet reading: "23 maps NOT according to flight files btw, I'm talking about maps that are actually in the game and have assets, etc."

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This caused many fellow Halo fans to reach out to Surasia4 with questions about the upcoming game, including one person who asked if the maps were big considering the amount of them available. The dataminer replied to this with "Arena + BTB" before elaborating further with "you'll see two BTB maps in the next flight, but expect much much more in the final game."

The dataminer was also asked in a separate tweet thread when the next flights were taking place for Halo Infinite, to which they vaguely hinted at the month of October. The first flight test for Halo Infinite took place from late July - early August. Of course, with the Halo Infinite release date set for December 8, don't expect to many more flights before the game's launch. 

It appears nothing is safe from Halo’s dedicated fan base, especially its committed dataminers who have also discovered several other details about 343 Industries’ upcoming game. According to other dataminers, Halo Infinite may have a warzone game mode as well as a Halo Infinite photo mode. We do have to mention though that none of this has been officially confirmed so take it all with a grain of salt. 

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