Halo Infinite release date revealed, here's when the campaign and multiplayer go live

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industires)

The Halo Infinite release date has finally been revealed, letting fans know exactly when they can start playing the new campaign starring Master Chief and its free-to-play multiplayer counterpart.

The Halo Infinite release date of December 8 was revealed at the big Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 event, where Microsoft also showcased a fresh look at the game. Halo Infinite was previously set to be released in time for Holiday 2021, and this new release date fits the bill (though with only a few weeks to spare). The announcement followed just days after 343 Industries revealed that it had considered delaying Halo Infinite again - but an ever-updated live service game has to start sometime.

Speaking of which, 343 has also confirmed that Halo Infinite will launch without campaign co-op or the Forge map-building mode, with the former set to arrive in Season 2 about three months after launch and the latter in Season 3 about six months after launch. The Halo Infinite campaign will be included with Xbox Game Pass from the day it launches, though you'll also be able to buy it on its own if you prefer.

While we'll have to wait a while longer to play the full game, 343 has confirmed that another technical preview event is on the way. This one will be open to even more players and open up the public's first chance to try Halo Infinite PvP modes - specifically 4v4 and Big Team Battle - though the bot modes from the first test will still be available if you prefer.

And no, 343 Industries says the Halo Infinite bots weren't actually teabagging players, even if it looked like they were.

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