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Halo Infinite will get four new Slayer playlists next week

Halo Infinite
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A Slayer playlist is coming to Halo Infinite next week, including Slayer, Fiesta, FFA, and Tactical Slayer (SWAT). 

Confirmation came by way of a developer update direct to the Halo subreddit which confirmed that whilst this first update may only offer a "basic" playlist, there are plans to "bolster and expand with more variants in a future update".

"I'm happy to report that a Slayer playlist is officially locked and loaded for the update next week," 343i's community manager, Postums, told Halo fans.

"Four new playlists: Slayer, Fiesta, FFA, and Tactical Slayer (SWAT) will all be added via a services update on Tuesday, December 14.

"As I noted last week, the team's original plans for a Slayer playlist included a variety of new variants that weren't going to be ready in time to deploy before the holiday break. To address player feedback for Slayer in the near term, we'll be releasing a basic Slayer offering to start and will look to bolster and expand with more variants in a future update."

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There's more, too, including those promised changes to challenges and XP, although the full details of all that will be available "on Halo Waypoint next week".

"Next week's update will also include adjustments to challenges including removing some particularly frustrating mode-specific ones, reducing some requirements for others, making the weekly ultimate challenge less intensive (getting there is tough enough), and adding brand new challenges specific to the new playlists," he added. "Personally I'm eager to check out a new challenge category that's based on accumulating player score (a small initial step towards 'performance-based XP')."

343 Industries also recently told players that the ability to replay missions in the game's story campaign is "coming later". Halo Infinite's campaign went live on December 8, a couple of weeks after we began spending time with the game's multiplayer mode, albeit in beta form. In the few days since launch, however, players have realized that because of the studio's new open-world approach to the campaign, there are currently no opportunities for players to return to missions they've already completed. 

Though the team can't yet "announce a date" for when it'll be available, 343i says that level select "is all part of this stuff that’s being worked on [at] the moment".

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