Halo Infinite dev warns not to use Quick Resume while playing the campaign

Halo Infinite campaign mjolnir armory collectible box
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The Halo Infinite Quick Resume feature could result in some problematic issues when playing the game's campaign, a dev on the team has warned.

Just below, you can see a tweet from Halo Infinite developer 343's community manager, Brian Jarrard, warning players from using Quick Resume during the campaign. The reason for this is that Quick Resume will disconnect you from Halo Infinite's servers, and so any multiplayer cosmetics earned during the campaign won't save to your profile.

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This is obviously a pretty big issue, but it's one that the developers at 343 have in their crosshairs. A follow-up tweet from Jarrard, as you can see just above, makes clear that the developers are well aware of the disconnection issue from Quick Resume, and are working on a remedy that also retroactively rewards players for multiplayer items missed because of it.

Halo Infinite's campaign only just went live yesterday on December 8, after the multiplayer component entered open beta last month in November. The Master Chief is finally back, complete with a fancy new grappling hook, and a wide open world to explore for the first time in the historic series. For what we made of our playthrough, head over to our full Halo Infinite review for more.

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