Halo Infinite players find each other in real life after trading weapons in-game

Halo Infinite
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A pair of Halo Infinite players have shown that even when you're on opposing teams, you can still work together.

In a recent post on the Halo subreddit (via Gene Park on Twitter), user Local_Floridian said they'd managed to trade weapons with an enemy. Stumbling upon an opposing player wielding the deadly Grav Hammer in a quiet corner of the Fragmentation map, the pair both begin the rapid crouching motion that we all know the name of but isn't necessarily appropriate in a professional article. Shortly afterwards, Local_Floridian's enemy drops their hammer, and accepts a Battle Rifle as a worthy alternative.

That such a wholesome moment was recorded for posterity is one thing, but some time later, the alternative perspective showed up on Reddit as well. Not knowing about the first post, u/Predator2027 uploaded their take on the hammer trade, showing that they'd only just picked up the hammer when they found their opponent's unconventional approach to suing for peace.

The Halo community was enamoured with the pair's camaraderie, but since discovering each other's posts, they've taken their alliance to the next level, adding each other so that they can play together in future. With this kind of teamwork on display even when they're not working together, presumably their new opponents don't stand a chance.

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