Halo Infinite developer does not "have the ability to give or replace" XP boosts lost during server outages

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Halo Infinite players hoping to be reimbursed for XP lost during the shooter's recent server outages have been told that developer 343 Industries does not "have the ability to give or replace the XP boosts".

While many games experience issues with server downtime from time to time, the problem has proven to be particularly egregious for Halo: Infinite players as XP boosters in the game work in real-time rather than in-game. That means that if you enable a booster token just before the server goes down for an hour, there's nothing you can do – the booster will continue to tick down and be used up even if the server's offline.

"We appreciate your patience on this issue," explains an email from a Halo support representative, which was then shared publicly on the Halo subreddit (thanks, PCGN). 

"While we do not have the ability to give or replace the XP boosts you've lost during the server outage, we want to inform you that access to Halo Infinite servers is now restored. If you are still having trouble getting into matches, please restart the game and try again."

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"The double XP token system is just bad, needs to be time spent in match," opined one unhappy commenter. "That would fix all the issues at hand. "Hell I’d probably even consider buying them. As it is now why would I spend money on boosts that includes when I spend time in lobby, loading matches and server crashes…"

There has been better news this weekend for Halo fans, though. 343 Industries recently confirmed that from Season 2, players will be able to earn Credits as part of its battle pass system. It will be welcomed news for players who have, up until now, only been able to unlock Credits – the only in-game currency players can use to purchase items from the store, including skins – as real-cash microtransactions. 

That's not all, either. 343 Industries' head of design Jerry Hook, also said last week the studio had been "monitoring the discussions" about the game's shop and microtransactions and had imminent plans to be "reducing pricing across the board"

"We’ve been monitoring the discussions on the Shop, bundles, and pricing closely since launch," Hook said at the time. "Using data and community feedback, we’re going to begin rolling out changes to how we package and price items in Halo Infinite.

"We will be trying new things throughout the rest of the season so that we can continue to learn and improve for the future," Hook later added in a follow-up tweet. 

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