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Halo 5 getting super fast Warzone Turbo mode for the weekend

Halo 5 (opens in new tab)'s getting a little fast-tracked fun this weekend with a new version of Warzone that insta-levels up when you secure your home base giving you near instant energy regeneration and the entire REQ toy box to play with. Sounds messy.

According to (opens in new tab) lead multiplayer designer Lawrence Metten this new mode was more or less an accident. It was originally created "at the request of our test team so that they could more efficiently test Warzone features and functionality without having to wait to level up or refill energy." That led to the mode being slipped into a studio play test and here we are.

Here's how it works from Metten, "you are instantly placed at Level 9 as soon as your Home Base is secure, and are imbued with near-instantaneous energy regeneration. Everything is fair game as players have access to their entire REQ inventory for the full duration of the match."

Warzone Turbo will be available until Monday morning, April 4th.

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Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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