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Hallelujah! New Lara Croft game will finally get co-op next week

It looks as if gamers who paid for a co-op Lara Croft game will actually get to play what they paid for when developer Crystal Dynamics patches Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light next week.

Crystal Dynamics received quite a mixed reaction in August when it released the game, which had for months been touted as a "Lara Croft game with online co-op," without the online co-op mode enabled. Not wanting to miss its spot in Microsoft's "Summer of Arcade" promotion, the company pushed the game out to Xbox Live incomplete. It promised to patch the game before the PS3 version came out a month later.

Then, a month later, guess what? No patch. Not only did Crystal Dynamics not address the extended delay directly, it also released the PS3 version on its scheduled launch date, it too without the co-op mode. In its press release, Crystal Dynamics shifted its original marketing speak to touting the co-op mode as an extra feature that would be added later.

All that dust is about to settle... for Xbox 360 users at least. Crystal Dynamics has now come forward to say the co-op patch will be pushed out to Xbox Live during next week's update, two months after it was supposed to be available.

For PS3 and PC gamers, though, it's not good news. Crystal Dynamics did comment on the status of the non-360 versions,but only said thatthe co-op update would be "coming soon."


Oct 21, 2010