Half-Life voice actor Mike Shapiro teases "blast from the past" game in development

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Mike Shapiro, the voice actor who portrays G-Man in the Half-Life series, has revealed he's working on what sounds like an exciting return of a major franchise.

The actor didn't reveal anything specific, but his words are enough to generate excitement. In an interview with USGamer, Shapiro spoke vaguely about a currently in-development project that's required extensive motion-capture and will apparently be "a blast from the past" for gamers.

"I'll announce it on my Twitter feed when I'm allowed to—I'm trying to be circumspect even as I speak with you about it—but this is going to be such a mindblowing re-up from what people have come to know. It's going to really... it's going to make people have a complete re-understanding of what they thought they knew about the story in the game prior to it, and I don't even know if people are expecting it. It's going to be kind of a blast from the past."

Again, Shapiro didn't reveal the name of the franchise or the studio it's coming from, and with the wide range of games the actor's lent his voice to, it's impossible to guess what he's referring to. Still, we know Shapiro worked on it last Summer and Fall, so presumably it's a fair deal into development at this point. That means it shouldn't be too long before it's officially announced.

Half-Life: Alyx is the latest game to feature Shapiro's voice, once again as G-Man. Despite its VR-exclusivity (and not being Half-Life 3), players seem generally pleased with the latest offering. In GamesRadar's review, Rachel called it "a shooter that makes you feel smart, coupled with a truly immersive experience that will impress Half-Life hardliners and newcomers alike."

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