Half Life: Episode 3 hinted at in leaked codes and Valve haiku

The first sign of Gordon Freeman's return was spotted by the Team Liquid community in leaked raw code for Valve's Dota 2 beta. Among other random files, members found a folder entitled 'ep3' that contained alleged references to Episode 3 weapon types such as concrete, metal, and liquid. The files included:






Half Life rumors were also fed by a cryptic haiku written by Gabe Newell in response to this creative fan email:

Episode 3? Ship? It's possible Newell is making a sly reference to Aperture Science's Borealis research vessel from Half Life: Episode 2. But wait: combining the first letters of both emails spells “DIE HTE”, which could also mean “[Prepare to] Die [in] Harvester Threat Environments.

But then, maybe we're over thinking this. Your thoughts?

Sep 22, 2011

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