Guy Ritchie goes Lobo

After a week dominated by Marvel's big deal, DC is fighting back by announcing that Guy Ritchie will take on bounty hunter Lobo.

Once he's finished with Sherlock Holmes, Ritchie will tackle the grungy, seven-foot-tall blue-skinned and nearly indestructible brawler who arrives on Earth in search of four dangerous fugitives.

It's just one of the versions of Lobo that have appeared through the years following his origins in 1983's comic title Omega Man, penned by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen.

Don't get too excited though - it looks like the studio is aiming to scrape off Lobo's rougher edges, aiming to make the film a PG-13. While Chris Nolan made The Dark Knight within those confines, Lobo is a whole other matter.

Lobo neutered? Say it ain't so…

[Source: Variety ]

Do you want a teen-friendly Lobo? Or is it a wasted opportunity?