Guilty Gear Strive devs investigating severe exploits "with full urgency and seriousness"

Guilty Gear Strive
(Image credit: Arc System Works)

After an exploit in Guilty Gear Strive left players open to forced crashes, developer Arc System Works is investigating. 

The exploit first popped up last month in December 2022. Guilty Gear Strive streamers were effectively being pushed out of the fighting game, due to an exploit where hackers were able to remotely change the names of players during a match, causing their game to immediately crash.

Additionally, hackers were able to cause huge memory leaks in Guilty Gear Strive. Not only did this render portions of the game difficult to play (timing is everything in fighting games, after all), but the exploit could disrupt the arcade, Dojo, and training modes of Guilty Gear Strive entirely. 

Now, on January 13, developer Arc System Works has officially acknowledged the exploit via the statement below. The studio begins by describing the exploits themselves, in case players weren't already aware, before adding that it's "investigating this case with full urgency and seriousness."

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In fact, Arc System Works reveals it's "moving towards implementing a prompt solution." Considering the attacks have been taking place among Guilty Gear Strive's community since roughly Christmas 2022, this will come as a huge relief for the community and streamers at large. 

Finally, Arc System Works recommends immediately exiting online play should you find yourself at the mercy of hackers, and contacting the developer's support team immediately. It's also worth noting that using any third-party tools that affect Guilty Gear Strive will hamper the support team's progress. 

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